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We don't just write software,
we craft solutions.

at the core
We're well-rounded software professionals with a passion for solving business problems with technology.
our approach
Gaining an understanding of client objectives to provide the most appropriate solutions.
the results
We take pride in our work and aim to exceed client expectations. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is our measure of success.

Pantheon, Rome.
What can we do for you?

We can help you devise a strategy that fits your time and cost constraints.


Drawing on our team's combined experiences and knowledge, we offer consulting services for every stage.
Whether you need us to engage with project stakeholders to gather requirements, are curious about suitable platforms and technologies, wish to explore app marketplace policies or need assistance with overall product development; we can help.

Concept Design

Engineers and designers work together from the start to produce concept designs that are appealing, highly functional and technically feasible.
Initially, we will iterate on wire-frame designs and build prototypes to examine the proposed user experience. From there our focus shifts to the finer details to create higher fidelity mock-ups. All before writing any code!

Software Engineering

Building reliable and robust software in a cost efficient manner sums up our approach. Our Engineers adhere to sound SE principles and best practices to insure that the software we develop is of the highest quality.
And we are constantly upgrading our skills. Have a look at the featured portfolio projects below for a glimpse of technologies we've used recently.

Maintenance & Updates

Software is not a stagnant artifact, it must change as your user-base grows, computing platforms evolve and your needs change. We accommodate requests for enhancements, tweaks, bug fixes, performance improvements, revival of legacy code, and more. A proactive approach is recommended before users find software they rely on outdated or even incompatible.

System Audits

Do you need a 3rd-party to perform a technical assessment of software you have developed, inherited, or are about to acquire? We can have a look on your behalf. Entrust our team to analyse systems and provide a report on the maturity of the software, covering aspects such as architectural fitness, development practices, technical debt, licensing, and more.

Application Management

We can provide on-going support for software we've built. We stand by our work and can manage your live applications if you don't have the resources. Application server deployment and monitoring, web hosting, or application marketplace supervision — we can act as product owners on your behalf. Ask us about putting together a comprehensive service agreement.

Have you seen our work?

We work with non-profits, small to medium-sized organizations and innovative enterprises.

Employee & Equipment Scheduling

Responsive Web Application

When you're in charge of scheduling several hundred workers and resources across various job sites, you need a tool that's quick and easy to use regardless of where you are.

The Resource Scheduling web application was built with the construction industry in mind. Through a minimalistic user interface you can rapidly schedule your crew from your tablet or laptop computer. Sophisticated data management and reporting capabilities included.

Ask us about customizing this product for you

Resource Scheduling App for mobile and traditional computing devices

The Women of Steel Project

Facebook Tab Application

You are surrounded by them – the strong women who have supported you throughout your life but who sometimes get taken for granted — your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, family and friends.

This IOF campaign salutes women around the world who are pillars of strength for their family, friends and the community at large through social nomination on Facebook. Every month one woman of steel will be selected and highlighted on the World Osteoporosis Day Facebook page and website.

Created for World Osteoporosis Day (October 20)

Women of Steel Facebook Tab Application

Google Maps Assistant

Chrome Browser Extension

Browser extensions run within your browser, extending its functionality, enhancing websites you accss, and providing you with convenient access to web services.

From a cost perspective, they are appealing due to their generally cross-platform nature (independent of the underlying operating system).

We created a custom Chrome extension to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows revolving around manually querying Google Maps and working with KML files.

Created for Rafat General Contracting

Custom Chrome Extension alongside Google Maps
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